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And when you realize you’re the “odd one out” and you start having these experiences your friends don’t always understand, it’s really valuable to have a community you can turn to.

You know, people who understand what you’re going through – such as negative comments you’ve heard about dating Asian men or the heartbreaking discrimination your husband experiences in your home country.

I guess that’s a good thing as we might move again for his job. Basically the only TV mommy allows with the odd exception from time to time like the movie UP, which she LOVES because of the talking dogs. And now we know its a girl 🙂 keep you posted with more to come soon 🙂 13 Comments Filed under AMWF, Dating, Day to Day, family, kids, Mixed Babies Tagged as amwf, baby, Baby Girl, canada, chinese, family, hong kong, Hong Kong Boyfriend, hong kong fiance, kids, mixed babies Let me start by saying, One day I would love to visit China.

We love Elmo, Sesame street , Blues Clues and her Cantonese. I’m almost certain I heard something about them thinking I did this on purpose or something but that may have been my mind playing games with me since the whole thing stressed me out .. Sooooo much still I need to get Done I’ve been collecting things and sewing things preparing for the baby to come.

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It would feel incredibly creepy and uncomfortable to be in a situation where you’re surrounded by tons of men (some with only one thing on their minds), or where things feel awkward/set up.While I know there are people out there who have met through these sites/groups, it’s hard to argue with the author’s conclusion: “If you’re an Asian guy looking for a girlfriend or something along the lines of a girlfriend, your best bet is to actively seek through a less obvious approach.AM anything creeps women out regardless of whether they like Asian men or not.” On the other hand, if you’re looking for community, I don’t think AMWF is creepy at all.I actually really like Asian guys, but the environment is awkward. Also, for the internet, I don’t do online dating or meet ups – period!” Finally, another responder who had previously attended an AMWF meet up wrote back, “I didn’t like most of the guys that were there because the only thing they cared about was getting laid, or getting a girlfriend.flakes, women not showing up for dates, ghosting, etc).When I went through these experiences, I inevitably chalked it up to “dating in LA”.Look, AMWF is certainly not the rarest interracial pairing out there (I’m sure that honor would go to Asian men and Black men).Still, we’re rare enough compared to the entire interracial dating world – enough to feel like you’re part of a lonely club. But, I have been to Hong Kong and other than how many people are there it is not so very different. I do speak some Mandarin and appreciate much of the culture.


  1. What do you think about using AMWF site or meetup groups for dating? Is it a creepy scene or not. Your Comments on Speaking of China.

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