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Hope you find the Mommy, Daddy or Baby Sitter you are looking for. What many don't know is Paypal has two options to pay. This is the option for people you know well and trust.However with a Mommy or Daddy ALWAYS use the option for "Product or service".Click on the country, then the state you are looking for a Mommy, Daddy or sitter in. There are some Mommy's and Daddy's that signed up for the directory that are scammers and that after getting payment have cut contact with the baby.The Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters are broken down by city. Many of these scammer AB parents charge for their service through Paypal.Another scam is to ask the baby to buy a Itunes or other gift card and have you either send them a picture of the numbers or text them the numbers.

Other chatting avenues for moms through Twitter can be found by searching through Twitter's massive collection of ​hashtags and user accounts.In this case today, as soon as the baby paid it through family and friend the Mommy cut all contact and he couldn't get his money back.So for Paypal always send any payments for hourly sessions and such through "products and services".A virtual room dedicated to moms is another option for connecting moms from all around the globe.You can, of course, try to find other moms through ​ chat room but it's easier if you look for ones meant solely for mothers.The Bump: This forum lets you connect with other women to discuss pregnancy, babies, and toddlers up to 24 months old.It also has message boards based on location - you might be able to turn a virtual conversation into an in-person meetup!Make It Tips for Special Needs: With 6,000 members, this group is a terrific place to connect with other parents who have special needs children.Babywearing 102: An extremely popular group with tens of thousands of members, the focus is "a place to celebrate and learn about babywearing."You can search for more Facebook groups geared toward moms by just using the search bar on Facebook to find groups that contain a certain keyword.A real AB Mommy who is the real deal will have no problem accepting payment as "Products and Services" as it spends the same.Just one is protected from fraud and you can get your money back and one is not.


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