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Dating after divorce for christian men

This should apply to all relationships, but is especially significant when children are involved. Do not hesitate to seek the services of a good Christian counselor for your children as well as for yourself.

There are surely many more considerations as relates to dating and single parents, but I am hopeful that the above points will serve you as you seek other input.

A traditional date like this serves a purpose but can trap you into an uncomfortable situation for an extended period if you don’t hit it off right away.

Also, it doesn’t show a lot of originality since most everyone else is doing the same thing.

Children will either want the parents to get back together and set out to sabotage the new relationship OR try to make the new relationship the ‘rescue’ for them as well as for their parent. Children have to work through their emotional scars left over from the divorce too.

Communicate with your kids Do keep the communication open with your children and let them know what you are doing socially (in a general sense).Allow the child to be a child and develop in as normal a manner as they can.You can give your child no greater gift than to help them build confidence in God and themselves during this time.Set out to make friends – not date Do not ‘date’ initially, but set out to make friends.Be sure to develop friendships with your own gender first, even to the point of building an accountability group with one or more people of your own gender.Here are some considerations as relates to the children of a divorce: Spend time with your children Spend time with your child (children) to bring as much stability to their lives as you can.Show them how you are depending upon God and allow their faith to be built along with yours.Dear Jim: DO YOU HAVE ANY DATING ADVICE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE CHILDREN?Children’s emotions also go through emotional turbulence during and after a divorce.Find a ‘healthy’ children’s/youth ministry in a local church.You may have to check several out before you find a fit for your children, but this can be a great asset for you.


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