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I will now check withmy aunt to see if there are other pieces to the silverplatepuzzle. A rodgers a 1 with thehorseshoe after it on the back.Davisseptember 19, 2013 at pmthenumber is most likely the stock number.Also in the case were 6 same typeknives with sterling silver co. Arielle kebbel pictures, latest news, videos and dating gossips.Aa is the"quality of plate" and is a marketing scam thatsilver-platers used at the turn of the century. Quadrupleplated with crossed hammers in the middle and the number 143 below themark.

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Cananyone tell me why i have the star between the rogers and bro and whatdoes a1 or al mean and along with the 12? I read your information at the top butcant seem to get at least a time period date on this plate. If youlook up the pattern you then know when they started being made.

Davisfebruary 14,2012 at amyou are correct the pattern date is from 1907. What do you think dating someone with the same ....

Pretty much any bookstore will have an introductorybook on silver that will help clarify this.

Again, if anyone cantell me if this is sterling silver or just silver plated, please usethe email above and feel free to contact me with any information youmay have. Could this be anitem produced before the i s took them over. Sailor springs dating site, 100% free online dating in sailor ....

I see that the rogers piece must havebeen made after 1862.


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