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Dating victor records

Only the first pressing has the Brother Jack title and is very hard to find. CLICK HERE to hear a recently acquired collection of Hit of the Week records.There are 105 different Hit of the Week records represented in this new group, with release dates ranging from April 10, 1930 to June 23, 1932. CLICK HERE for a 7 record album set of 12 inch records by Musicraft featuring the 1937 play "THE CRADLE WILL ROCK' featuring Marc Blitzstein and the original cast of the show.Bing Crosby with Paul Whiteman Recorded Cylinders Edison Diamond Disc phonograph owners manual c1915 THE GROOVE by Victor 1947 Louis Armstrong Records - photos Columbia Demo Record Sleeve 1913 Old Ned Record Gramophone and Typewriter Records Columbia 2491 Fantasy for Clarinet and Strings - Barney Bigard Victor 3600 - Prize Winners DUBLIN'S Doc Evans Album 1947 Hit Of The Week Records Jelly Roll Morton New Orleans Memories CLICK HERE I believe this is the complete collection of Moran and Mack's TWO BLACK CROWS recordings on COLUMBIA label records from 1927-1928. CLICK HERE ENRICO CARUSO sings SPIRTO GENTIL from Donizetti's 'Favorita' Originally Recorded 1906 Here Reissued as 12 inch Victrola 88004 c.1919 Pressed from original 1906 Master CLICK HERE for a small group of 1920s COLUMBIA label records featuring Ukrainian music.Includes TWO BLACK CROWS 1 - 8 plus TWO BLACK CROWS IN HADES and TWO BLACK CROWS IN THE JAIL HOUSE. At first, I assumed many of these songs were pure Klezmer music, but I was informed this is definitely NOT Klezmer.Generally the box sets consisted of three 45s and used the same graphics RCA Victor had used on the 78 album.Because most 78 albums consisted of four records, some 45s in box sets will appear to have no 78 equivalent.The 45s are cross-referenced to their 78 equivalent when known.

The 45 box set numbers are a continuation of the numbering system used for 78 albums with a “W” added in front of the “P” (Popular) used on the 78 albums.CLICK HERE to see a really rare 1928 Jimmie Rogers record.Has a song from his original recording session for Victor at Camden labeled IF BROTHER JACK WERE HERE, credited to J. Turns out it was a song he pirated from someone else called MY MOTHER WAS A LADY.Eldridge Reeves Johnson founded the Consolidate Talking Machine Company in August 1900.When he became embroiled in litigations over various patent rights, he approached Emile Berliner, and founded the Victor Talking Machine Company on October 3, 1901.I don't think they recorded any other records with the TWO BLACK CROWS title. CLICK HERE This is one of those old 'exercise to music' albums from the 1920s. However, research has revealed these songs represent the roots of Klezmer music. CLICK HERE for a small group of good quality PATHE label records from the late 'teen - early 1920s. CLICK HERE This is a 1905 10 3/4 inch SOCIETA ITALIANA DI FONOTIPIA Sample Record.The regular issues are scarce enough, but their Sample Records are quite rare. CLICK HERE for a couple 12 inch European pressed ODEON label 78s featuring Dr Frieder Weissmann conducting the State Opera House Orchestra, Berlin.Generally RCA Victor, in making a 45 box set, issued 45s of the first two 78s in an album and the third 45 consisted of one side from each of the remaining two 78s.RCA Victor box sets are indicated by a number starting with “WP” which will be above the 47 prefix number.By the end of 1951 45 box sets were phased out and replaced with Extended Play records (EPs).The 47 prefix series ended in 1971 with the release of 47-9999 by Dolly Parton.


  1. Jan 13, 2002. Table of Contents. Victor's Use of Matrix Numbers Matrix Numbers on Other Record Labels Bibliography. When G&T, and then Victor, introduced double-sided records after 1912, the prices were increased accordingly. The first. On this date the electric Orthophonic Victrola was introduced to the public.

  2. RCA Records Pressing Plant, Rockaway. Located in New Jersey, Opened mid 1954, closed early 1973. - RCA Victor R pressed/etched in runout. Also see the dating guide here to help date the record. Note this is only valid on original pressings. 22.

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