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If you do not have anyone to share Valentine’s Day with then the day, and the time leading up to it can be very lonely indeed.

Most people just choose to ignore it all together, or throw scorn on those that seem to be enjoying themselves. You might find that next year your position has changed, as you are all loved up, and they are telling your new beau how much Valentine’s Day means nothing to you. A marketing ploy, yes, but also a day when people who are genuine inly in love celebrate that and just have a good time with each other.

Millions of single people looking for love and wondering when all of the Valentine’s Day BS will end.Vragen die zeker een antwoord verlangen als je nog onervaren bent of al te veel dates hebt zien mislukken.lees verder Als jij jezelf de vraag stelt: 'Hoe spreek je een vrouw aan? lees verder Een date hebben met een vrouw, dat lukt menig man nog wel. Maar hoe voorkom je, dat het daarna snel bergafwaarts gaat? Na een paar dates, lijkt een vrouw ineens haar interesse in het daten verloren te zijn. lees verder De eerste kus heeft iedere man wel eens beziggehouden.The last thing happy people need is someone telling them how bad Valentine’s Day really is and how it was dreamed up by the Illuminati to keep stupid people quiet.Once in a while one of your coupled friends may take pity on you and invite you out with them on Valentine’s Day.Just think about all of the millions of other people alone on that day, and how two of you might not be lonely next year.If you are going to wallow, then at least do it locked away, alone at home.In fact, it is a great time to rethink your dating strategy – a kind of romantic new year’s resolution.Make it your aim to not spend next year alone, and to get out there, or online, and start dating.If you stay out of their way, then you can also enjoy the time as well, and you won’t be filled with bitterness and regret.OK, so it can be quite miserable to be single on Valentine’s Day, especially when you are the odd one out in your crowd of friends.


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