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Dead end dating by kimberly raye

Last thing I heard about Stuart was that was he was busted for drunk driving a few years ago.

What keeps the Stuart/Smith marriage together is beyond me. Buck Owens has had more than a few gay rumors said about him over the years. And if you want to see 'gay', then check out the video for 'Steam'. I just picked up a VHS promo for his "Steam" single at a music store I go to (it was in the free box at the front door.) It's packaged like a Falcon video from the 80s with the oversized outer sleeve and the video cassette inside.

Smith is talented but she is also a reactionary Christian fundmemntalist.

Around that time, I remember country music historian Robert K.

Ooermann wrote in one of his books that before KD Lang came along, there were eight other women in country music who were rumored to be lesbians.

I have often wondered which women in country music he was referring to!!! He was married to Johnny Cash's daughter but then married an older, relatively unattractive woman.

Is it true love or a marriage of less than loving motives?


  1. About Kimberly Raye I've always been an incurable romantic. While I enjoy reading all types of fiction, my favorites, the books that touch my soul, are.

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