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The wife or girlfriend in question ends up feeling insecure over her own relationship.

She feels restricted or under a tight leash because she may have a number of male friends and her male partner cannot even handle it.

However, he feels turned on when you have sex with other men and then come back to him.

In an effort to please him, you’ve given up what you want – which is a monogamous relationship – in exchange for what he wants, which is a non-exclusive relationship in which you “cheat” on him.

This can come through a breakdown in communications and understanding. But can become very extreme in some circumstances, bordering on obsessive behavior. But when it becomes very apparent, he'll say that she probably is cheating on him-wants another man.

In the vast majority of all cases, the jealousy is simply not warranted. You may stand there, in deep consternation and befuddlement over these illusory jealousies.

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I would like to please him, but I would really like to have sex just with him.I put the word cheat in quotation marks because you’re not technically cheating on him if he is encouraging you to have sex with other people.Yet I wonder if part of the thrill for him is that he likes to imagine that you are cheating on him, or that you are out there either being “used” by other men or “using” other men.In any case, you’ve found that when you’ve had sex with other men, it’s diminished your feelings of love for your boyfriend.I wonder if you’ve considered why you love him less.Therefore, these negative emotions may get the best of him. But human emotions get the better part of some people, and this includes women in relationships, too.Sometimes, a lot of silly, stupid thoughts get the best of men and women in relationships.The male may feel that she'll dump him for somebody else.Even if he feels, quote, unquote "handsome enough", every time she smiles and looks at somebody else-he will still feel insecure about himself and his relationship with his partner.Do you think it’s only because your relationships with other men have emotional components to them?Or might you also love your boyfriend less because you perhaps wonder why he wants you to have sex with other men, even though you don’t seem to want to have sex with other men?


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