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Leora Jackson“Single mommies, Single women, ROTATE!!! ” These words are resonated from the loudspeaker as the female moderator targets the single moms in the bar. ” These words are basically a brief synopsis of what occurs in speed dating across the United States.

According to one Memphis Pre-Dating Speed Dating service, speed dating is a fun, safe, and efficient way to meet single professionals in person.

The speed dating is set up in 5- or 6-minute rounds in which you meet people in your age group or interest group.

Scott, 33, of Fayetteville agreed that the internet works. You can find out a lot about someone from their profiles and not have to wonder if they have kids.” While matchmaking sites such as and E-Harmony are popular (boasts 15 million members) just as many sites that don’t charge fees are gaining in popularity as places to find prospective dates.

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But, Love occurs across color lines and when it does, its a beautiful thing!That is another blog by itself :)So, therefore, to have a speed dating service of men that are really interested in dating would be a great service to this area which would provide a lot of great dating experiences for our educated, black professional single women.Many people and other speed dating services rate speed dating as fun, safe, and enjoyable.I knew I needed to get out more, I wanted to meet someone wonderful, so I decided to give speed dating a try.The first time they called, I was so nervous and felt like a loser so I backed out. I went and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of people that attended. I met a man that night, a wonderful man, and I would not have met him if I had not gone..The reason is the ratio of black men to black women which is a 1 to 25 ratio.This is a terrible and awful statistic if it is true.For those who don’t patronize clubs or bars, there are few events geared to the single life, except for the rare occurrences of speed dating and single get-togethers formed by members from internet dating sites. I think the whole online venue has become a viable option for singles of all ages,” said Bev Richards of Fayetteville. Most are looking for more personal connections and finding the internet as the place for initial contact, then move into meeting at public places.“At first I was apprehensive and honestly almost backed out. All twenty members; both men and women were well dressed, intelligent, interesting, attractive and of a professional background.(I thought how vulnerable; to expose yourself, try your best to sell yourself within six minutes and then get judged on it.) Well I am so glad I went. The first few minutes started off quiet, everyone a bit nervous and then before you know it the restaurant turned into a party like atmosphere.


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