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Eccky has characteristics of life simulation and virtual pet games.

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In 2006, Eccky became an independent company as a subsidiary of Media Republic.Both players then choose both a masculine and feminine name for their future Eccky.Thereafter Eccky is born, with characteristics determined by the combination of both users' DNA profiles.In the first version of Eccky, two users create a virtual baby, and raise him/her with the goal of making the child as happy and satisfied as possible.A user fills out a questionnaire with information regarding their personal characteristics, child-rearing attitudes, favorites, etc.From its live introduction to the public until August 2006, Eccky required an initial fee which could be paid by either user player.However Eccky has been free to play since September 2006.Upon Eccky’s birth, Eccky is automatically added as a contact to the MSN contact lists of both players. Running on an AIML chat engine, Eccky is able to speak from the moment following birth, both in response to users addressing Eccky and by initiating conversations him/herself.Eccky initiates conversation either randomly or to express any particularly pressing need he/she may have (i.e.During this time, gameplay continues and users may chat with Eccky, but may not interact with Eccky in the virtual world.Further, Eccky’s physical and emotional states are reflected in the chat element, as Eccky will either comment, unsolicited, on how he/she is doing physically and emotionally, or respond to a user in such a way as to make his/her physical and emotional state known.


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