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Is there another model on the internet so beautiful whilst being so naturally 'at home' under the water. Over six minutes of wonderful underwater action performed by one of the most beautiful and accomplished underwater models on the web, in water as warm and clear as in the famous Weeki Wachee Springs itself ! It has this real cool metal nose pinch mechanism, that you can access from the outside, for equalisation. Ours is brand new, old stock and our simply devine Mermaid Kiki had such great fun modelling it for y'all, even though, like most large masks, it can give an underwater camera person real headaches trying to get light onto that beautiful face, if she isn't looking upwards ! Now as you know, we have never shied away from doing things a little 'out of the norm' here and so, when we came up with the idea of one of our stunning young Aquawomen scuba diving whilst wearing an authentic Japanese Ama divers mask, we really thought it could be one that many of you would enjoy ? I'm so sorry but a recent bout of illness has laid me low for a while, sadly it also meant a postponement of the underwater shoot that we had planned to do a little something special for Easter for y'all, as we usually do.As y'all might expect though, our Mermaid's performance is just perhaps a little more risqu than any you may actually see there ! To compliment this, our stunning young Aquawoman had to wear a real sexy little short sleeved, smooth black neoprene, beavertail wetsuit jacket and a great old Siebe Gorman Merlin Vl twin hose regulator. For the gear buffs and keeping in a vintage theme she is breathing from a very rare old 1950's French La Spirotechnique Aquilon single hose regulator. Anyways, to tie things over for a while we hope you enjoy a little video clip of our adorable, coquettish Mermaid Elise, looking sensationally, naughtily vintage - in black and white - as she swims and poses in her own unique way, just for you ! For some crazy reason I just couldn't manage to upload this clip to our server last night and yet today, I don't know how or why, it worked just fine.

OK, so here's a little something for y'all heavy rubber diving fans - and we know there are lots of you.

This is a superb quality video clip showing a fantastic young Aquawoman totally 'at home' under the water, a must for all Vintage Swim Girl fans ! In the recent Stills Gallery they were fighting but here, in good ol' moving pictures for y'all, they're just getting kinda real cosy !

It's our Stunningly Scubaliscious Mermaids Elise and Porchia, showing just how good those young scuba gals looked, way back in the 1970's. Because we have soooooo much material on our website now, we've recently been having some server issues.

This time that pleasure falls to our sensational and simply stunning Diving Diva - Mermaid Elise !

Using a nice little collection of vintage scuba gear featuring one of our always dependable US Divers Calypso single hose regs plus an quite old Tabata scuba mask, which has a cute little nose cavity / purge valve arrangement ?


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