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Senegalese culture dating

Sitting in the park one Sunday afternoon, two friends and I were approached by a nice Senegalese man who was “very happy to meet us today.” It was definitely one of the most awkward conversations I’ve had here as he kept speaking English, but didn’t really have much to say except, “You have husband? S., we leave things like this to chance.”) In Senegal, this has to be true. Let me also mention that in Senegal, polygamy is completely acceptable and what most men choose to do.

Being polygamous allows men to have multiple wives, which in turn means multiple families.

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Now that I’ve been here three months, I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to men frequently asking me if I’m married.The difference is that no one helps, her husband gives her no money and spends most of his time taking his motorcycle to watch soccer games or to parties.The name 'Senegal' is said to come from the Wolof name of the dugout canoe, as it was mispronounced by visiting Portuguese sailors in the middle of the 15th century.A girlfriend found out her boyfriend was sleeping with other women, called him out but stayed with him anyways. Her father died when she was 13 and was then married off to someone twice her age.She is an extremely intelligent person and loved to study.I am a Preventative Health and Environmental Education Volunteer in Senegal (West Africa).My hope is that this blog will not only reflect the experiences and challenges that I encounter, but also provide my family, friends, and others with a new perspective of culture.First it’s important to realize that being married at 20 here, especially in the rural areas, is completely normal.So culturally speaking, it is quite possible that I could be married.However, I have been writing a lot and have three new entries to share.I will be putting them up in the next couple of weeks.


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