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The Society of Genealogists has published an index for the years 1700-1713, and an online version is available on British Origins with a useful explanation of the structure of the records. Records of over 100,000 patients admitted between 18 to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, its convalescent home at Cromwell House, the Evelina Hospital (now part of Guy's and St Thomas's) and the specialist Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Disease are available online at the Historic Hospital Admission Registers Project (HHARP) website.

Between 18 Parliament authorised seven commercial cemeteries.The surviving boundary marks define the London district after it was changed in 1861." The website gives details of the duties and posts, and gives a list of the remaining posts around London.Lay Subsidies were medieval taxes (see a brief description of them), whioh often included compilations of lists of names. The Hearth Tax returns for London 16, Westminster 1664 and Middlesex 1666 have been transcribed by the London Hearth Tax Project and are available via British History Online.It was merged with the ancient ward of Bridge, alias Bridge Within, to form the current ward."Pre-1858 Wills are found at the following repositories: the GLRO [now LMA] for those provided at the Consistory Court of London, the Commisary Court of Surrey and the Archdeaconry Courts of Middlesex (Middlesex Division) and Surrey; the Guildhall Library for those proved at the Commisary Court of London (London Division), the Archdeaconry Court of London, the Peculiar Court of the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's and the Royal Peculiar of St Katherine by the Tower; the Corporation of London Record Office for those proved at the Court of Hustings; at Lambeth Palace Library for the Peculiar Courts of the Deaneries of the Arches and of Croydon; and at Westminster Library for the Royal Peculiar of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Fitz Hugh, The Dictionary of Genealogy, 1994.] The University of London has placed online lists of all officials, teachers, graduates and undergraduates from its foundation in 1836 up until 31 March 1901, as published in 1890, 18, and a list of all University of London graduates up to December 1932.There were Compters to hold debtors both within the City and outside it, in Southwark and Middlesex. Lockie's Topography of London, : giving a concise local description of and accurate direction to every square, street, lane, court, dock, wharf, inn, public-office, &c. You can search by names of people, institutions, streets, place names and occupations.At various times there were prisons at Ludgate, Newgate, the Fleet, Temple Bar, and Bridewell, and there were medieval prisons at St Martin Le Grand, and Tun upon Cornhill. in the metropolis and its environs, including the new buildings to the present time. The index covers the registers of the Sun's London office, which cover mainly London properties.Each ward elects an alderman and between 4 and 12 members depending on its size.The wards are: , as the Borough of Southwark was partly under the jurisdiction of the City of London, but this ward only had an appointed alderman and no common councilmen. The prodigious docks, with their immense bonding-warehouses. Also see: AIM25 - Archives in London and the M25 Area - "is a major project to provide electronic access to collection level descriptions of the archives of over fifty higher education institutions and learned societies within the greater London area." Outside London, the Institute of Genealogical and Heraldic Studies, in Canterbury, Kent, provides an online list of their library resources relating to London and Middlesex (pdf). convey the notion of wealth and commerce completely stupendous. Aside from such essentially national institutions as The National Archives, the British Library, the Society of Genealogists, the Institute for Historical Research, and the Principal Probate Registry, London has many specialised major libraries and archives, such as: London Boroughs - Archives and Local Studies Libraries: we have links to web sites of each London borough, and to their archives or local studies libraries.


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